Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Printables- Peek a..BOO! Halloween Treat Bag Tags

I made up some cute treat bag tags
for my girls to give out for Halloween!
They are fun and festive without being too spooky.
If you are looking for a way to "cute-sie" up your treat giving this year..
try out treat bag tags! The snack size ziploc bags are just the right size of sweets to treat!

You could easily make up your own tag if you
have a program to use..or Card stock and Markers!

If you want to use the prints I made I put them in my Etsy Shop...
 Pretty Paperie Printables
$8 for the Printable PDF - Choose two styles!

Printable -  via my etsy shop Pretty Paperie Printables
(or make up your own if you have a program..or crayons! ;) 
Snack Size Bags
Candy of Choice
(I love the classic pumpkin and ghost peeps.)
Card Stock Paper

These would be fun personalized treat bags to give to
your children's teachers or classmates!

Drop them off at your neighbor's 
doorstep for a little surprise treat....

Or make them up as favors
for your Halloween Party!

Sisterly LOVE. 
Only 1 peep was used in the bribery of these photos. ;)

I listed three different sets of these...
 each with 3 different patterns and
2 graphics to choose from! ( I love options. :)
"Peek a..Boo!" - PRINTABLE PDF
"Happy Halloween!" - PRINTABLE PDF
"Peek a...Boo!" with 2 graphics- PRINTABLE PDF

If you use this printable I would love to share
how you made them up on my blog so send me an e-mail
if you get a chance to take photos of them! 
Happy Crafting!


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